I’m in Sweden! I’ll be here until mid-January, working on my fourth finger trills and rethinking my relationship to beat two. I’m deeply grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts for supporting this personal study mission.

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group manoeuvre

My musical life has lately been centered around the release of Group Manoeuvre, the first full-length album from my beloved band Aerialists. We’ve let it loose now, on the internet, in car CD players, wherever it may roam. We just finished our album release tour of Eastern Canada, it was great. I had a bowl of impeccable chowder in Lunenburg.

This is a thorough and thoughtful review of the record: folkradio.co.uk/2017/09/aerialists-group-manoeuvre/

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Oh goodness, it’s been a moment. I moved to Toronto in February and have been thoroughly enjoying myself here. Musically I’ve got a few new Toronto-rooted projects on the go, including a Nordic instrumental duo with electric guitarist Sam Gleason, an improv-driven quartet called I Think She Think She’s Hunting, and an extended chamber-vibe-pop group playing the music of one of my favourite songwriters around, Steven Foster. I’m living in a big ol’ musician house with a jamspace in the basement for the louder times, and folks practicing difficult and interesting music all the time. Aerialists are finishing up mixes for our new record, and hitting some great festivals this summer in BC and Ontario. I just had a coffee! Life is nice!

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emily and aerialists tour vids

We had such a nice tour! Ack! Here are a couple videos from a secret Sofar Sounds house show we did in Vancouver.

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emily millard + aerialists fall tour

Sooooo Aerialists are teaming up with Emily Millard again, this time as the opening act and backing band for the Canadian release tour of her gorgeous new album By Heron & By Season. We’re spending a month in ON, QC, BC, and AB, and taking a moment to showcase at the Folk Music Ontario conference in Ottawa. We’re starting out with a few intensive days of rehearsal in Toronto, and striking out from there! Little by little, I’m turning up the knobs on my pedals…

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back to boston

I’m heading back to Boston soon for my final semester at Berklee. I’ll be a part-time student, leaving me some time to tour and a lot more time to practice. I’m excited to work with Simon Shaheen and Darol Anger in private lessons, and to delve into a directed study in trad / post-trad style tunewriting with Mark Simos. I’m also excited to have a bit more time to myself, to explore the city that I’ve been living in for years and to make some non-academic music with my pals out east!

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jenny in the summertime

We did a quartet version of Jenny Ritter’s set with Meg Iredale-Gray, Terri Upton, and myself for ArtsWells this year, and had a blast reinterpreting her songs with lotsa lady harmonies. We’ve got the full band coming together for a short run of lovely cozy house and yard concerts in a moment here, going to make the most of these warm summer evenings while we have them…

Edit: Here’s a video from the Vancouver show, shot by the team that made Jenny’s Wolf Wife video!

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aerialists + emily millard

We had a fantastic collaborative tour with Aerialists and Emily Millard in BC, with stops at Campbell Bay Music Fest, Tiny Lights Festival, and the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival sewn together by beautiful shows around Vancouver, on the islands, and in the interior.

Photo by Mary Matheson at Tiny Lights

Here’s a video of one of Emily’s tunes that came out of a (very) late night session after a show on that tour:

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aerialists release debut ep

In just ONE WEEK Aerialists are releasing our deubt EP! (!!!) Preview the first track here:

We’re celebrating on May 9th with a show at Club Passim, a Boston folk institution we’re all very very fond of. Here are tickets and here is a facebook event.

After that, I’m going to Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark, to take hardingfele lessons, visit friends, look at rock formations, and attend my cool great-aunt’s 90th birthday party!

Then Aerialists are meeting up with Emily Millard for a collaborative tour of BC in June, where we play as her backing band and she adds vocals to our set. I have clocked a LOT of hours listening to this woman sing, and I’m very excited to see what kind of magic we make.

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aerialists do folk alliance

Do you know how excited I am about Aerialists? Because I’m not sure you do. We just made our Folk Alliance debut with a great official showcase complete with smoke machines, and had the pleasure of introducing our music to so many friends from across the continent packed into latenight hotel rooms. I discovered some new music at the conference that makes me happy to be alive (check out Bjäran and Leveret!!) and ate some proper Kansas City barbecue. And I’m excited about Aerialists.

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