boeur | sabat

Elise Boeur (Vancouver, BC) – Violin, Hardingfele
Nate Sabat (New York, NY) – Upright Bass


Elise Boeur and Nate Sabat play traditional music from a place where the sun forgets to rise.

Bringing their profound love of folk music and their jazz training together, Boeur and Sabat reach into the depths of the Norwegian and Swedish folk traditions to bring out the inner pulse. Exploring the microtonality and flexible time at the heart of old fiddle tunes, in the unusual duo setting of violin and bass, these young musicians play with power and delicacy.


Originally trained as a classical vocalist, Nate Sabat is now in growing demand as a bassist on the Boston bluegrass / new acoustic scene. Sabat brings his complex, highly personal harmonic sensibility to this collaboration. Elise Boeur has nurtured a passion for Scandinavian folk music for many years, studying traditional fiddle and hardingfele at Høgskolen i Telemark in Norway, and on visits to folk-rich areas in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Boeur and Sabat met in Eugene Friesen’s World Strings ensemble at Berklee College of Music. This innovative, dynamic chamber orchestra was the perfect environment for their musical connection to flourish, and they continue to collaborate with the World Strings, performing Sabat’s orchestral arrangement of one of their pieces with the group in Kentucky, Rhode Island, and Connecticut as well as around Massachusetts.

Debut EP released November 2016 on Fiddlehead Records

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boston, april 2015

boston, november 2013

same tune, more friends! rockport, may 2014

boston, november 2014

boston, november 2014

  • contact elise
    +1 778 317 8958

  • UPCOMING Boeur / Sabat shows:

    April 3rd 2016
    Tower Hill Botanical Gardens
    11 French Drive
    Boylston, MA

    Thursday night Feb 18th
    1:30am (late Thurs)
    Traditional Music Room (645)

    Saturday night Feb 20th
    Fiddlehead Records Room (736)
    Kansas City, MO

    PAST Boeur / Sabat shows:

    September 12th 2015
    Nordic Food Festival
    Scandinavian Cultural Center
    206 Waltham St
    West Newton, MA

    September 17th 2015
    Private Event
    Center for the Study of Europe
    Boston, MA

    September 18-20th 2015
    FreshGrass Festival
    Berklee Showcase
    North Adams, MA

    September 21st 2015
    Roots Roadshow
    The Red Room
    939 Boylston St
    Boston, MA

    November 6th 2015
    Scandinavian Cultural Center
    206 Waltham St
    West Newton, MA


    June 27th 2015
    The Concert House
    email us for address
    Victoria, BC

    June 25th 2015
    Skinny Fat Jack's
    3475a Main Street
    Vancouver, BC

    June 24th 2015
    Workshop at the Scandinavian Centre
    6540 Thomas St
    Burnaby, BC

    June 20th 2015
    Campbell Bay Music Festival
    Mayne Island, BC

    May 10th 2015, 6pm
    Composers Collaborative Inc Presents
    The Cornelia Street Cafe
    29 Cornelia St
    New York City, NY

    May 2nd 2015, 7pm
    House concert with Jenna Moynihan & Mairi Chaimbeul
    Franklin, MA

    March 26th 2015, 8pm
    Berklee International Folk Festival
    Berklee Performance Center
    136 Massachusetts Ave
    Boston, MA

    February 15th 2015, 12pm
    Nordic fiddle workshop
    Joe Val Bluegrass Festival
    Framingham, MA

    November 12th 2014, 8pm
    Notlob Parlour Concerts
    186 1/2 Hampshire St, Inman Square
    Cambridge, MA