summer festivals

SUMMER FESTIVALS SUMMER FESTIVALS! Next weekend I’ll be with Jenny Ritter at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, playing songs from our upcoming record with a killer 6-piece band. The VFMF was an important part of my youth – I started volunteering with them when I was 11, and as a teenager the music I saw there every summer had an enormous influence on my record collection / life. It will be my first time onstage at the festival that shaped a lot of my ideas about what folk music is and what it could be, and I can’t wait.

I just got back from Arts on the Fly with Dirty Grace, which is a super fun festival that happens to be near a gorgeous waterfall swimming hole. That was my first formal show with Dirty Grace, and I’ll be accompanying them to three more BC festivals this summer, with some touring mixed in. Festival season is magic and I’m looking forward to long weekends of crawling out of my sweaty tent in the early morning, jumping in icy rivers and playing music til all hours with the people I love. See you out there!

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