I used to keep the tour journal for my old band, and we got called out live on saskatoon radio for only ever talking about food on our website. I’d taken some steps away from that since starting this site, but here I am on tour in denmark and the jokes that absolutely slay me in the back seat just don’t translate to the written medium all that well. but there IS this magical flower juice… it started in sösdala, sweden, where simon’s aunt and uncle were hosting us out in the countryside after a show. aunt evelyne pulled a milkjug out of the fridge, mixed the contents with some water and poured us tiny glasses with the warning that we might not like it. one sip transformed my mouth into a danged garden. the drink was sweet, subtle and irresistably perfumed. uncle tomas had made it by steeping elderflowers in sugar syrup, and I think I ran down their winter supplies in the day we spent there. since then I’ve been on a mission. every bottle of fläderdryck, or hyldeblomstdrikke here in denmark, gets purchased, sampled and held up against that first perfect sip. nothing’s come close so far, but I’m going to keep trying as long as I’m in scandinavia. and then find out who’s got elderberry bushes in the back of their garden back home….

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